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   1.  Pruning Is All You Need?
   2.  Starting My PhD
   3.  Exploring Invariant Risk Minimization in PyTorch
   4.  Quick, Simple, and Easy Solutions to Hard Software Problems
   5.  World's Scariest Robots
   6.  Greenfield Research vs. Greenfield Development
   7.  Nanodegrees
   8.  OpenCV in a Virtualenv
   9.  Eclipse with PyDev and Virtualenv
   10.  Python for Computer Vision
   11.  Why PhD?
   12.  A Taxonomy of Toolchains
   13.  Installing GDB on OS X Mavericks
   14.  Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Work For
   15.  Coolifying Nerdiness
   16.  (See the Exercises)
   17.  New Grad Student Insights
   18.  Getting Octave to Just Goddamn Work Already on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
   19.  Evolving Higher Education
   20.  Sweep the Dojo
   21.  Making Terrorism Rare
   22.  Write a Winning Statement of Purpose
   23.  Recursive Programming Aphorisms
   24.  Don't Become a Scientist?
   25.  The Carpenter and the Engineer
   26.  Fun With Closures: transform your method calls into sentences
   27.  On Naming and Abbreviating
   28.  Famous Algorithms and their Running Times
   29.  The Price of Public Transit
   30.  iReport, Even Though I Have Nothing to Say
   31.  To Name A Rose
   32.  Recipes For Mediocre Journalism
   33.  Learning Me Some Erlang
   34.  Improving Search Results
   35.  Hello World

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