Learn Git

This is a collection of resources for both new and old Git users. This will get you jump-started in the world of DVCS, serve as a reference point for common SCM tasks, and make you more productive and organized than ever.

A list of confusing and lesser-known terms.

Doesn't include beginner questions, but rather those questions which I am constantly running into but for which I always need to Google for the answer.

My .gitconfig file
Drop this in your home folder, and be sure to edit the name and email address! This will give you some really nice aliases, plus a few other sensible defaults. Try 'em out!

My .gitignore file
Drop this in your home folder and edit to your liking. It ignores compiled files for the languages I usually work in, plus configuration files for the IDEs I usually use. You should change it to ignore those files for the IDEs/languages/toolchains that you typically use. My recommendation is to avoid committing IDE files altogether, but that doesn't work for every project team, so use your discretion. (Update: Nowadays, some IDE makers like JetBrains and VS Code are smart enough to split the settings intended to be shared by a team into a separate file, so it can be committed while still allowing other settings to accord to the user's preferences.)

More Resources:

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