World's Scariest Robots

Your Guide to the Most Post-Apocalyptic-Night-Terror-Inducing Death Machines! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the sound of the future. This is the sound that will haunt your nightmares: Just imagine hearing that sound, knowing what was coming, hearing it get closer and closer—and yet being utterly helpless to stop it. The ... More


I was very skeptical at first, but now I think Udacity might really be on to something with their new "Nanodegrees". Check out the Data Analyst Nanodegree, for instance. I mean, I'm no hiring manager for data analysts, but if I were, I'd definitely be willing to pick up a ... More

Eclipse with PyDev and Virtualenv

These are instructions for someone who may have already dabbled with some Python programming and is now looking for a more professional setup for productive development. I'll get you started with Python package management and IDE configuration. Justification first; skip to the procedure if you're already sold. Why PyDev If ... More